Secure your elders

Our elders are the most vulnerable to becoming victim of a cyber crime and data theft. Give them a nudge by telling them about secure passwords. The pace of technology is too fast. However, there is one constant; a strong password makes all the difference. And a second authentication factor can prevent foreign access to your accounts.

We currently serve residents living in Northeast Ohio, especially the Greater Cleveland Area.

After your purchase, we will get in contact with you to determine what kind of devices and accounts you are using and we will make your appointment.

The complete password make-over

  • We replace current passwords with strong passwords.
  • We devised a way to overcome our memory, because no one can remember sufficiently strong passwords.
  • This is where you can choose between implementing a password vault or use a “hands-on” password card.
  • We will activate two-factor authentication on all important logins. (Email, Bank, Social)
  • The idea is to enable them to take care of their passwords for themselves and to establish digital security along the way.



How long does it take?

Our service is comprehensive and usually takes 4-5 hours, depending on your personal situation.

Is it worth it?

  • Compared to buying a new computer: yes
  • Compared to paying ransom to release your data: yes.
  • Compared to repairing a stolen identity: yes.
  • Remember once your data is stolen it can be multiplied endlessly without you being able to ever deleting it from the internet. (Think private media like photos or videos)

So, yes, we believe it’s totally worth it. That’s why we have worked hard to make our service as affordable as possible. Additionally, we also publish extensive information so everybody can do this themselves. It’s not magic after all. Securing your accounts with strong passwords is the first and most important step to better online security.

What can I expect from this service?

Our technicians meet with you in person. They will explain the difference between a password vault and a password card so you can choose which method fits your style. Once we figured that out we start to change your passwords and will activate two-factor authentication. Our technician will also present you different methods of two-factor authentication such as an authenticator app or a physical key.

We will go through all the important accounts in your life:

  • Apple or Samsung ID
  • Banking and credit card apps
  • Facebook, Instagram and other social networks
  • Gmail or other email accounts
  • Wifi router

How secure is your service?

There is no 100% security for all things online. We want to be clear about that. There is only “better security” and what is often referred to as “cyber hygiene.” By implementing strong passwords and two-factor authentication you can eliminate almost all threats to your accounts. The highly increased level of security does not come from our service but from the fact that you now use a much more secure technology to protect your accounts. We just get you on track without the confusion and hassle. We work directly with technology that is already mandatory in all big companies such as google.

When you help me with my passwords, how can I be sure you can’t log in to my accounts?

We will just help you to implement the technology. It is still up to you to choose your own master password. Our technicians will not have your password. Moreover, once we implement the second factor, nobody will be able to log in to your accounts even if they had your password. That is what makes this technology so secure. Only with the added factor will anybody be able to gain access to your accounts. Since the second factor authentication will be either linked to your mobile device or a physical key we won’t be able to access any of your accounts.