Password habits: some numbers

The numbers are staggering. Essentially they say: every other person does not have strong passwords and pretty much does not care either.

And that is according to a report surveying more than 1,700 IT experts. If anybody would know about passwords, it’s them.

The survey found as well:

  • 51% have experienced a phishing attack their personal life
  • 44% have experienced a phishing attack at work
  • And still 57% have not changed their password behaviors
  • 69% admit to sharing their passwords

Those numbers are pretty sad. We hope they don’t encourage you to keep up with your own bad password choices.

If you don’t use two-factor authentication you are obviously in “good company.” And you are also much more likely to be hacked.

We urge you to take action today: Start activating two-factor authentication on all your accounts.