Hackers breaking into ring cameras

A recent WMC5 News article reports about a family that just encountered hackers within their children’s room. The intruders had managed to gain access to their camera which lets you see and talk through it via an app on your mobile device.

The parents had done extensive research to make sure, they would purchase a secure device, given the sensitive nature of security cams that work through the internet. They felt secure with their choice and installed the camera in their children’s room.

However they didn’t enable two-factor authentication.

Weak passwords are an easy target for hackers because they can run an automated software that tries out a list of passwords automatically. All the hacker has to do is sit back and wait.

Once you add 2-factor authentication this is no longer possible.

Even if the automated software got a “hit” and found your password they could not automate the second factor.

Currently most apps will allow you to add your phone as the second factor, sending out a one-time pass-code after the correct password has been entered.

How to set-up two factor authentication for the most popular wifi cams